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3 Simple Step Process To Close FSBO Listings On Facebook

FSBO Listings Can Be The Easiest Listing To Acquire, If….Prospected Correctly!

Here’s my 3 easy step process I teach Realtors nationwide!

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Searching for the groups in Facebook’s search bar is really simple these days!

When searching use keyword phrases like the following;


For Sale By Owner:

As you can see here a multitude of groups show up during the search.  Here’s a cool fact, the groups are GEO Targeted to your Facebook Location so the searches are going to be relevant from the get go.

You may have to join and leave a few, til you find groups that are actually active and engaging.  Just don’t lose sight of the prize, the coveted FSBO Listing, and give up too early.

As with any free lead generation, effort and consistency is key!  #JustDontQuit

Step 2: Comment On The Post

Ok, You have found the prize! The long sought after FSBO Listing!  “This Could Be The One,” sounds off in your heard…. Now What?!?

Comment on the post!

It must encompass these things;

  • Be Genuine!  Disingenuousness can be seen through quite easily
  • Be Brief! Don’t over whelm them with info or ideas
  • Be Complimentary!  Nothing grabs peoples attention more than stroking an ego 😉

The reason for this comment is two-fold.  By making the comment you are engaging the post, creating a first contact of sorts and hopefully grabbing the attention of the Seller.

The second reason is the fact by engaging the post, it moves it back to the top of the groups feed and creates more awareness for the property.  This give you the “excuse” or “reason” to send the potential client a message and friend request.

Step 3: Send Message & Friend Request

This is the “money-shot” and the most critical part of the process.

And… Will determine whether or not you get the illusive FSBO response!

The third step works like this…  After Commenting on their post, travel on over to their Facebook page and take a gander.  Some would call this “facebook stalking”  I call it “Facebook Espionage” 😛

You want to kind of get a feel for who they are and what their interests may be so that when you craft your message you have a better chance of getting a response.

The message should have some kind of personal relation tie-in to break down the initial barrier of receiving a message from a “stranger” so-to-speak.

It should include a way to HELP them sell their home faster, and on their own!  At no point to you offer your services as a realtor in any way!  You are simply there as a means of adding value.

Close the message with a pleasantry and move on to the next!

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Building The Pipeline:

With all sales, homes or otherwise, it takes time to build a pipeline.

You most be diligent, consistent and realize the $$$ is always in the follow up!

Do these three steps, and follow up with those after 72 hours who haven’t responded and you will soon be swimming in a sea of FSBO Listings!

And when this happens!  Hit us up cause our 3D Virtual Tours are the future of home selling and close listings 23% higher than any other marketing strategy!  Learn More Here

As always if you got any value from this post, let your pals on social media know by sharing the knowledge below!





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