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Massive Results Start With Daily Planning

Marketing begins with a daily plan of action…

Realtors often struggle with daily activities and knowing what to do next…

I journal daily, these two things I learned from Alex Charfen and one from Tony Robbins

1. What are you grateful for:

List out three things each morning 2 can be in any area that you want, 1 must be something small and subtle like the morning dew on the grass, or the sunshine through a your window, gods grace for me us a big one.

Here’s why..

When force a pattern of recognition of the small things it helps us to take in all the worlds beauty around us and appreciate the things we take for granted daily and really allows for living in the moment, which as entrepreneurs, we rarely do.

2. What are your intentions for the day:

I write no more than 2 major tasks I want to focus on for the day, and hone in actions that will lead to their achievement.

This allows you to create clarity of purpose and weigh the other tasks that come at us all day long against what we know we have set out to achieve for the day. SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST!


3. Where did you feel uncomfortable yesterday:

Cant stress enough the importance of taking stock in what causes you daily stress..

  • …tasks you don’t fully enjoy
  • …things like lighting intensity in a room
  • …unproductive meetings …
  • etc…

You want to take not of these things and begin to eliminate, delegate, or modify. When you take action here, your world becomes less stressful, you will more progress & momentum then ever before!

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